Chenille badges


Chenille badges are known as Letterman badges.  Chenille badges  and patches are very popular in the 70's .  Chenille badges  and patches are usually made of two layers.  We use special machines to sew chenille yarns up through the bottom felt to create a raised, fluffy textured surface. 

The application of chenille badges give your product a retro feel.

Although we can make chenelle badges and patches in small size, but cthey are more suitable for large  badges  ( e.g. > 15 cm) with simple  and clear design.

We have been making chenille badges for 20+ years and have the machines and skills to meet the most demanding quality standard. 

Just send us your request today and receive a free proposal in 24 hours. 

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Apeldoorn, the Netherlands

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Chenille color chart

Chenille badges felt color chart

Chenille badges felt color chart

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